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Track Anything- Getting Started

Ram Neimark, 05/04/23

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Welcome to Trackification! This blog post will get you all the information you need on how to track anything you want, and eventually learn and optimize.

New features are being added all the time and this blog post can get out of date, so make sure to check out our home page, new feature posts, and the app for new features.

Define your own track

Trackification (t12n) is all about tracking what you care about. It comes out of the box with the default “How are you?” track that has 3 responses: “👍” for 10, “👊” for 5, and “👎” for 0. You’ll be notified with the question a few times a day and you can edit the notification times and/or scores in the app (you can also turn it off completely if you don’t feel like tracking your general feeling).

More importantly than the default track, you can define your own tracks for whatever you care about: track your productivity, track your workouts, track your energy levels, track your nutrition- track anything! You can define a tracking question, its scored emoji responses, and the notification times. For the times you can select a group of days with a group of times (for example Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday at 10 am and 6 pm), and can also set multiple groups of those.

For example, I track my energy levels at different times of the day, and my track looks like this:

Another thing you can customize is the aggregation type, we’ll get to that soon when discussing analytics.

That’s it, now you’ll get the notifications straight to your phone or watch and you can respond to the notifications directly- no need to even open the app.

Responses will be automatically logged, and you can later follow up on them on a simple timed graph, and with the analytics and experiment that we’ll look more into shortly.

Analytics for your life

On the analytics page, you can observe some analytics on your trackings:

General analytics: Average score, logging frequency, first log, and more.

Time aggregation analytics: See your aggregated score by day of the week and time of day, to potentially find interesting patterns in your loggings.

The score aggregation analytics can be one of the two:

  • Average: suitable for state trackings, such as general feeling, mood, or energy levels.
  • Sum: suitable for count tracking, such as the number of glasses of water drank, number of workout sessions, or number of tasks completed

More analytics are being added all the time, so check out the app for new ones. Feel free to reach out to with suggestions or questions.

Optimize yourself with experiments

As one of the most important features, experiments help you measure the effects of behavioral changes on your tracking scores, and eventually towards your goals. This enables you to keep optimizing the things that work while abandoning the ones that don’t.

Here’s an example: I’ve been tracking my energy levels and I want to try to improve them. I’ve done some research and have found that practicing meditation daily can possibly increase my energy levels. To measure this, I set up an experiment- a defined time frame in which I’m trying out the new behavior (daily meditation), and I can eventually see whether or not the behavioral change has helped achieve that goal.

Opportunities here are endless: when starting to take a new supplement, starting to do a new workout, trying to reduce my coffee intake- do these changes actually have an effect? are they even worth pursuing? Of course in many cases it’s very hard to measure their value to us, but in some cases it’s very helpful, especially when we have a clear goal (from my own experience I can tell you it is also a great motivator to adopt new, positive behaviors!).

Start improving

Download the Trackification app to get started, we would love to hear any feedback, suggestions, or questions you might have, so feel more than welcome to reach out to Hope you learn good things and keep on improving 🙌!